Visa Information

It is important that ALL foreign participants check the requirements for their travel to India . All visitors require a valid passport (valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India ) and valid Indian visa to enter and exit India for any purpose. Visitors must obtain visas at an Indian Embassy or Consulate in their respective home country for travel to India , as there are no provisions for visas upon arrival. Each visitor is advised to carry photocopies of the bio-data page of the traveler’s passport and the page containing the Indian visa.

For the most current information on entry and exit requirements, please contact the Embassy of India or Consulate. For further details, visit Ministry of External Affairs, India. In general, a Visa application form can be downloaded from the concerned Embassy/Consulate site.

Since a letter of invitation from the organizers of the conference is needed for filing a visa request, participants and speakers at India Telco 2013 who need a visa to travel to India are requested to ask for an invitation letter for the visa by sending an email to [email protected]

Please include the following information for the Visa invitation letter:

– Name
– Organization
– Residential/Office address (where the invitation letter will be mailed)
– Phone number
– Fax number
– E-mail Address
– Paper ID
– Paper Title
– Registration Confirmation Number
– Passport Number
– Date and Place of Birth
– Nationality
– Date and Place of Issue of your passport
– Expiration Date of your Passport